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  • Lion's Mane Steak Recipe

    Lion's Mane Steak Recipe

    Simple yet satisfying. Like a giant butter seared earth-scallop. 
    This recipe might be easy but its one of the tastiest things you can do with your lion's mane mushrooms. Because it's so simple, we recommend using the best ingredients possible to maximize the flavors. 
  • Farm News vol.1

    Farm News vol.1

    After nearly a decade of dedicated trial and error, extensive research, and six months of intensive build-out, we are thrilled to announce that our new farm is fully operational!

    We are ready to provide Bangkok and beyond with fresh rare varieties you won’t find anywhere else and functional mushroom supplements you can trust.

    Alongside our mainstay varieties—King Blue, Lion's Mane, Coral Tooth, and Golden Oyster—we're cultivating over 15 additional varieties. These rare mushrooms will soon be included in our mixed box rotation, offering a diverse and nutritious culinary experience for both retail and wholesale.

  • The Art of Cooking Exotic Mushrooms

    The Art of Cooking Exotic Mushrooms

    When it comes to cooking mushrooms, there's a world beyond the usual suspects that offers a wealth of flavors and textures. From the meaty King Oyster to the delicate Coral Tooth, each variety presents a unique opportunity to elevate your culinary game. This guide will walk you through the essentials of cooking some of the most intriguing mushrooms out there.
  • Lion's Mane Mushroom Dumplings

    Lion's Mane Mushroom Dumplings

    Full disclosure – we're not dumpling masters by any stretch, but maybe that makes us uniquely qualified to be teaching the easy way.  This is a hacky quick recipe that yields tasty results while delivering the health benefits of Lions...

  • Miso Braised King Oyster Mushroom Noodle Bowl

    Miso Braised King Oyster Mushroom Noodle Bowl

    Alright, let's talk about something that's going to change your noodle game forever - a Miso Braised King Oyster Mushroom Noodle Bowl. This isn't your average, run-of-the-mill noodle dish. It's a culinary adventure, a bold journey into flavor that you...