Lion's Mane Steak Recipe

Simple yet satisfying. Like a giant butter seared earth-scallop. 
This recipe might be easy but it’s one of the tastiest things you can do with your lion's mane mushrooms. Because it's so simple, we recommend using the best quality ingredients possible to maximize the flavors.  

Our love for mushrooms started in the kitchen, we hope to inspire you to think outside the (recipe) book and see what you can dream up. You might find a lot of our recipes either have approximate measurements of ingredients or no measurements at all. We don't believe there is a wrong way to season mushrooms and everyone has their own preferences. Some might prefer to skip a spice, while others will want to add a lot more of it. We want our recipes to offer you a flavor profile, to encourage you to tweak your meal to personal perfection and give you the confidence to experiment on your own! 

Fungi are a versatile, nutritious, and forgiving ingredient that deserve all the recent love and attention they've been getting in the media. We love them, we love to cook with them, and we know you will too. We also aren't fans of recipes with super long blog posts at the top so without further ado, our third recipe for you: 

Lion's Mane Steak


- Lion's mane mushrooms

- Ghee/ clarified butter (can also use a combo of butter and your favorite cooking oil). You want to use enough to coat the bottom of pan and have a little extra to scoop out of the hot pan over the mushroom with a spoon while cooking. 

- Salt

- Any other spices or fresh herbs to your taste!  


1. Pre-heat pan on med-high. 

2. Slice your lion's mane into slices, around 3-4cm thick.

3. Sprinkle salt on your lion's mane to your taste. Add your herbs and spices to the mushroom at this step or to the cooking fat after step 4. 

4. Add your cooking fat into the pan and allow to get hot for about 10 seconds.

5. Put your lion's mane one side down in the pan. Cook for about 5-7 minutes, then flip it.

6. Use a spoon to baste (dip into the cooking fat to pour over the top side of the mushroom). Try not to move the mushroom around the pan too much so it can develop a nice sear!

7. Enjoy immediately :) We love to serve this steak with veggies as it's own dish, as a side dish to meat or seafood, or in a sandwich/ wrap! 

This is just one of the infinite creative ways you can use indoor grown exotic mushrooms to make unique and wonderful dishes at home.