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  • Bangkok's Fungi Culture Bank & Mushroom Farm

    We grow top quality gourmet and medicinal mushrooms at our urban farm in Bangkok.

    Order here on our website. Grab delivery in Bangkok and nationwide cold truck options available at checkout, or schedule a farm tour to come pick your own mushrooms!

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Fresh, Organic & Delicious

"Harvest your own" farm tour

Come to tour our facility in On Nut 17, Bangkok! Earthling staff will show you the ropes, explain our cultivation process, and assist you while you harvest your own mushrooms to take home and enjoy.

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Follow along for mushroom education, cookery & more!

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Earthling Blog

  • The Basics of Cooking Fresh Mushrooms

    The Basics of Cooking Fresh Mushrooms

    When it comes to cooking mushrooms, there's a world beyond the usual suspects that offers a wealth of flavors and textures. From the meaty King Oyster to the delicate Coral Tooth, each variety presents a unique opportunity to elevate your culinary game. This guide will walk you through the essentials of cooking some of the most intriguing mushrooms out there.
  • Drying Fresh Mushrooms at Home

    Drying Fresh Mushrooms at Home

    Do you have more fresh mushrooms than you can use before they go bad? Follow these easy steps to dry your mushrooms for long-term storage and reducing food waste. Drying mushrooms also deepens their flavor and makes it more potent....

  • Dried or Fresh Mushrooms?

    Dried or Fresh Mushrooms?

    Whether you're stirring up a quick weeknight meal or preparing a gourmet feast, mushrooms—fresh or dried—can add a wonderful richness to your dishes. But which ones to pick? This guide will help you choose between fresh and dried mushrooms for culinary use. 
  • Culinary vs. Functional Mushrooms

    Culinary vs. Functional Mushrooms

    What is the difference? For the modern consumer, mushrooms can be broadly categorized into two main types: culinary and functional (medicinal), some, like Lion’s Mane and Maitake, are both! Culinary Mushrooms: These mushrooms are prized for their flavor, texture, and...

  • 5 Functional Mushrooms & Their Benefits

    5 Functional Mushrooms & Their Benefits

    Functional mushrooms are a category of mushrooms that are prized for their unique health benefits, such as immune support, cognitive enhancement, energy and stamina, antioxidant properties, and cardiovascular health.

  • Lion's Mane Steak Recipe

    Lion's Mane Steak Recipe

    Simple yet satisfying. Like a giant butter seared earth-scallop. 
    This recipe might be easy but its one of the tastiest things you can do with your lion's mane mushrooms. Because it's so simple, we recommend using the best ingredients possible to maximize the flavors. 

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