• Cordyceps Fruitbody Powder
  • Cordyceps Fruitbody Powder
  • Cordyceps Fruitbody Powder
  • Cordyceps Fruitbody Powder

Cordyceps Fruitbody Powder

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100% pure Cordyceps fruitbodies, cultivated organically in Thailand.

-Pure, Potent, and Unprocessed: Our Cordyceps powder is cultivated in Thailand using traditional methods. Hand-harvested, naturally dried, and finely ground, our powder maintains its purity.

-Convenient and Versatile: Each 45g pack provides a 30-day supply with a recommended dosage of 1500mg. Easily incorporate it into your daily routine by adding it to your preferred hot beverages.

Targeted Health Benefits:

-Enhanced Exercise Performance: Cordyceps improves exercise performance by increasing oxygen uptake, enhancing endurance, and reducing fatigue.

-Respiratory Health: It has been used traditionally to support respiratory health and improve lung function, making it beneficial for individuals with respiratory conditions.

-Anti-inflammatory Properties: Cordyceps exhibits anti-inflammatory effects, which may help reduce inflammation and alleviate symptoms of inflammatory conditions.

-Energy and Stamina: Increase energy levels, stamina, and vitality, promoting overall physical and mental well-being.

-Libido and Sexual Health: Cordyceps has been traditionally used to improve libido, sexual function, and fertility in both men and women.


Ideas for use:

  • Mix directly into hot teas, coffee, or soups.
  • Mix with boiling water, steep, strain, and pour into ice cube trays to freeze to add to smoothies or cold beverages.