• Mega Block Mushroom Grow Kit
  • Mega Block Mushroom Grow Kit
  • Mega Block Mushroom Grow Kit
  • Mega Block Mushroom Grow Kit

Mega Block Mushroom Grow Kit

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How does it grow?

The kit is fully colonized and ready to fruit, just set the right conditions, slice the bag, mist regularly, and watch your mushrooms flourish and double in size daily. Harvest your first harvest of fresh mushrooms in just 7-14 days.

How many times will it grow?

Typically we get 3-4 nice harvests (the harvests decrease in size by about 50% each time) and then compost the substrate.
The record for # of harvests from a single block is currently 11 harvests! 

Premium 4.5kg Organic Mushroom Grow Kit
Yields roughly 20x more than a typical substrate tube.
The current featured variety is GOLD OYSTER

Grow top-notch organic culinary mushrooms on your countertop with ease. All of the hard work has been done for you and everything you need is included. Genetics are chosen specifically for Thailand's weather. Keep the kit between 18-30C for the duration of the grow for best results. 

-Ready to Grow: Each kit arrives fully colonized by mushroom mycelium and ready to produce mushrooms. No sterile technique, pressure cookers, or rubbing alcohol required. 

-Easy to Use: Simply cut the bag, mist a few times per day, and harvest in 7-14 days.

-High Yield: Harvest up to 2kg of fresh mushrooms from just one block. Enjoy multiple harvests (up to 10 harvests, each harvest about 50% of the previous). This yield is roughly 20 times the expected yield from a typical substrate block. 

-Watch Them Grow: Experience the excitement of seeing your mushrooms double in size daily after the initial primordia (early mushrooms) appear.

-Organic and Nutritious: Cultivated at our family farm in Bangkok, we start from spore and nurture the mycelium all the way up to the fun part, ensuring that clean, organic wood, legume hulls, grains, and filtered water are the only ingredients.

-Educational and Fun: Perfect for anyone interested in starting a new hobby, our kit makes learning about mushroom cultivation an engaging experience.

-Support and Guidance Included: Every kit comes with detailed instructions and our dedicated support to help you through the process. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner, our team is here to ensure your mushroom-growing success.

Transform your culinary experiences and enhance your home gardening with our Mushroom Grow Kit.