• Fresh Coral Tooth Mushrooms
  • Fresh Coral Tooth Mushrooms
  • Fresh Coral Tooth Mushrooms
  • Fresh Coral Tooth Mushrooms

Fresh Coral Tooth Mushrooms

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Coral Tooth Mushrooms

We are proud to introduce the Coral Tooth mushroom, exclusively cultivated at our farm in Bangkok, making us the only farm in Southeast Asia growing this rare and exquisite variety.

Flavor Profile:
Coral Tooth mushrooms are celebrated for their slightly peppery taste, which adds a unique and subtle kick to dishes. This distinctive flavor profile makes them a gourmet favorite, especially for those looking to add a new dimension to their culinary creations.

As the name suggests, Coral Tooth mushrooms feature a striking resemblance to ocean coral, with dense clusters of branched, tooth-like spines. Their white to pale cream color enhances their visual appeal, making them a standout ingredient in any dish.

Culinary Attributes:
The firm texture of Coral Tooth mushrooms holds up exceptionally well in cooking, making them versatile for both light sautéing and incorporation into hearty meals. They are particularly excellent in absorbing flavors, which complements their natural peppery notes.

Nutritional Benefits:
Coral Tooth mushrooms are not only a delight for the palate but also offer significant health benefits. Rich in protein and fiber, they also contain various antioxidants that support immune health.

Recipe Ideas:
Incorporate Coral Tooth mushrooms into a creamy risotto to enhance its texture and flavor, toss them in a peppery stir-fry to highlight their unique taste, or add them to a savory soup for an extra depth of flavor and visual appeal.