• Fresh Golden Pluerotus Mushrooms
  • Fresh Golden Pluerotus Mushrooms
  • Fresh Golden Pluerotus Mushrooms

Fresh Golden Pluerotus Mushrooms

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Golden Pleurotus Mushrooms

Cultivated with care on our Bangkok farm, our Golden Pleurotus mushrooms are grown organically in a meticulously controlled environment, ensuring temperature and humidity are always optimal for their development.

Flavor Profile:
Golden Pleurotus mushrooms are known for their mild, yet distinct flavor that carries subtle earthy notes with a hint of sweetness. Their versatile taste makes them an excellent addition to a variety of dishes. Expect a very unique, slightly floral aroma and aftertaste.

These mushrooms are characterized by their vibrant golden color and their classic oyster-like shape, with a delicate, fanning cap that sits atop a slender stem.

Culinary Attributes:
With a tender texture that holds up well to cooking, Golden Pleurotus mushrooms are perfect for sautéing, stir-frying, and grilling. They absorb flavors beautifully, making them an ideal ingredient in soups, stews, and sauces.

Recipe Ideas:
Try incorporating Golden Pleurotus mushrooms into a stir-fried vegetable medley, use them as a topping for a savory grilled steak, or include them in a creamy pasta dish for an extra layer of flavor. Their ability to complement a wide range of ingredients allows for creative culinary experiments.